In order to coupon effectively you need to be able to get a Sunday newspaper. Every Sunday there are inserts inside the Sunday paper that contain all the coupons you will need to be the next Coupon Queen!! (Or King). As you get these newspapers you want to make sure you’re getting your papers for the smallest price possible, because not only is it cost effective but let’s be honest, it’s fun too! Here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned to make that a possibility!

Dollar Store: The Dollar Store has newspapers for $1.00! The only issue is that there is not very many of them, and they do go quickly. In order to get around this you will need to go early in the morning ,and you may have to stop at a second Dollar Store to get what you need.  

Grocery Store: The grocery store has newspapers every Sunday, but they’re typically pretty expensive if you need to buy four or five of them. Instead of going first thing Sunday morning you could wait until later that night. Every night the grocery store throws away the newspapers that didn’t sell throughout. If you go at the end of the day, and ask them if you can have the

Sunday newspapers they have left, most of them will just give them to you! That is right, free newspapers, meaning free coupons!

Newspaper Delivery: It may be old fashion, but it sure is cheap! Have you ever seen those nice little old ladies and men at the front of the store trying to sign people passing by for the Sunday paper? Those people are your friends! They can sometimes get you a paper as little as $0.75 a week! All you need is to go sign up, and tell them what you need so they can help you find the least expensive paper. If you have never seen one of those people then you can call your local paper (or paper you are interested in), and they will have your neighborhood delivery person contact you.

Recycling Center: Yes! You can go “dumpster diving” for inserts at your local recycling center!! There are a few issues with this, and that is that they often have dumpsters that are closed. In those situations it would be very hard to find them. So, you may want to check out your recycling center prior to trying it out!

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while getting newspapers. The first one is that all newspapers have different coupons in the inserts. For example, if you live in Colorado the local newspaper in your town will likely have slightly different coupons than the Denver Post. This is because different regions have different costs of living, and thus different valued coupons. Speaking of different newspapers, if you live in a different state there is a chance that your inserts will be different as well. You may have different stores and needs in California than you do in Colorado. Not all coupon inserts are created equal! The last thing is that if you’re buying from a store you want to make sure that you always check the paper for your inserts first. Unfortunately people take them out, and then when you get home you will notice you’re missing half your coupons! In order to avoid this just take a peek at the inserts in the paper, and maybe even look at the coupons to make sure you’re getting the ones you want!

If you know of any other ways to get cheap or discounted newspapers than comment below and help your local couponers!