Okay, all you new couponers! This post is for you! It will be tempting to not read this giant article but do yourself a favor and take the five minutes to do so!

One of the BIGGEST mistakes that I see new couponers making is having misconceptions about how many coupons you should have. Let me explain. In order to get good deals, you have to buy multiple items. That means you need multiple of the same coupon, which also means you need multiple newspapers. I would say the MINIMUM of newspapers you should be getting every week is 5, and the maximum is whatever number that works for you! Now, what happens is a new couponer will get 10 papers one week, cut them all, and then say “I have too many coupons!! I don’t need to get coupons until all these expire!!”. Then the next week they go to get a deal and will be like “aw man, I don’t have that coupon! When did that coupon come out?! How do I get that coupon Kim!! Help!!!”. And I will tell them it came out on a week they didn’t get, and their response will be “well I didn’t NEED coupons that week” or “I don’t use any of the coupons in that week”.

Listen to me when I say this. You will never NEED coupons if you base it off how many you currently have!! No matter what you do, you will always have a TON of coupons you don’t use. It is vital that EVERY SINGLE WEEK no matter what is in them you get a minimum of FIVE newspapers. It doesn’t matter how many you have, how many you think you will use, or any of that! If you are building your stockpile you ABSOLUTELY need to do that!

Here is why you need to get newspapers every week. When you are starting a stockpile you need a stash of coupons (even after you have an established stockpile). If you have just one week you will be very limited in the deals you can get because sales are matched with coupons from as long as 8 weeks ago! Every day there are new deals circulating so maybe an insert looked like it didn’t have anything in it, but that is always based off of what is on sale. You may not want an item when it is $3.00 but would you get it if it was free or you would make $5 off of it?! Heck yes, you would!!! So, don’t look at it as “I don’t use that product” or “this week doesn’t look good” the WORST looking weeks usually have the most moneymakers and freebies!

How to know if you are getting your money’s worth on buying coupons is if you are saving MORE than you spend on coupons in a week/month. For example, If you have 200 coupons left over from last month that you didn’t use, and you spent $60 on them (which is a normal amount for my services) and saved $500 that means after coupons you saved yourself $420!!! At that point, it doesn’t matter how many you didn’t use, because you saved so much!

Some of the best couponers I know get coupons every week, NO MATTER WHAT. Once you get a stockpile that you are comfortable with then you can back off and do a couple newspapers a week, or even take a break!!

Have you been guilt of doing this?! Let us know in the comments below!