I headed to Safeway yesterday and accidentally ran into the best deal I have ever received on fresh meat!!!! All of the meat in the picture above was $118.51 prior to discounts and I only paid $53.34 at the end. That is 45% off!!!

If you buy fresh meat often then you already know that it is very rare to ever get a discount on it so I thought I would share my secrets. First of all, today ONLY ribeye steaks have a Just4U digital coupon that gives you the steak for $4.97 a pound instead of $6.97. They already have a huge discount on fresh meat at Safeway, and when you combine that with the just4u you can get these for an insane price! Normally, the ribeye steaks above are $47.80 but with that and the just4u coupon I got them for $18.29! Additionally, select packages of meat also have 30% off manager special stickers on them. For example, I got 4 lbs of natural 92% lean priced at $37.40 for $14.53 ($3.63 a lb)! That was with the combination of the 30% off and savings on select packages!!! The 30% off stickers will be on the outside of the meat, and when you check out the cashier will remove the sticker and scan the coupon that will give you 30% off the lowest price listed on the package!

Almost every week I go to Safeway I find these stickers and if you combine that with weekly specials you can save a TON of money!!! 

Comment below with any questions and let us see your fresh meat finds!!