In my house, we are ALWAYS losing kids/adult socks. There seems never to be enough of them or not enough matching ones. Because of this, my husband created a system never to lose baby socks again, and it actually works!!

There are small laundry bags that are for delicate items like bras to be washed in. They are mesh and have zippers so things can be washed and dried in them without falling out. We get a set of those bags and put a couple in the dirty laundry basket.

Before we do laundry, we put all of the socks in this bag (or you can put them in everytime you remove socks), zip them up, and throw them in the wash. Now, all the socks are in the bags together, and you don’t have to go through and find all the matching pairs in big loads of laundry!! Or, if you are like me, and never put the laundry away you can grab this bag and quickly find socks in them.

Since we are busy, and laundry does get piled up, sometimes we also have a system where we have a few bags in the wash or laundry basket. When this happens, we end up combining them in one big bag after they are cleaned, and then put them all away at once. Because you need multiple bags we recommend you get a set! On they have Gogooda 5Pcs Mesh Laundry Bags for only $7.99!! Gogooda bags are similar to what we use when doing ours and are a fantastic price. 

After you get in the routine of doing this, you will never have missing pairs of socks again, and you will always be able to find them easily! It has saved my laundry/mom life, and is worth every penny! Click here to check out the Gogooda bags on