You want to make extra money? Then keep reading for some amazing resources to do that! I am not affiliated with any of these companies, and benefit in no way from giving out this information.

Apps that are legitimate and pay!!! 
The first app I want to talk about is Easy Shift, since I started looking into legitimate apps that pay, this is the app that I have made the most. I have recorded a video to tell you how to use it, and how you make money. Click hereto watch it!! Some people have commented in the past that they have bad reviews on the app store. That is because people use to make a lot of money from these ($200 – $4.00 a day), and they can no longer do that. Also, it is not intuitive or consumer friendly. That is why I made a video
Some other legitimate apps similar to Easy Shift that pay are Gig Walk, Field Agent, and Mobee

The next resource is Nexrep! This is a legitimate stay at home job company. When looking for a stay at home job you want to make sure it’s legitimate, and one way to tell if it’s not is if they make you pay them to start out. If you see this, run!! This company is not one of those scenarios! It is completely safe, and I encourage you to check it out. You can choose to apply to different campaigns they have going on, and pick your own hours while making a decent wage! I have heard that it can sometimes take them a few weeks to get back to you, but once they do it’s a fast process.  You can click hereto apply. 

The last resource I have is quite possibly my favorite; it is called Upwork. It is a freelance company where companies can look for people to do work for them. They have a lot of customer service jobs that go for anywhere from 1 day to 3 months. Some are just answering emails, other are answering calls. All of them can be done from home, and have the potential to set your own hours!! It’s amazing!! You can click

to check them out!

I hope this helps out a few people, if you have any questions please let me know!