Almost every person in the world thinks at some point in their life “I could use some extra money!!” I know I sure have! When I was a single mom, and later a stay at home mom this was always on my mind, and once I began that dive into the extra money rabbit hole the biggest hurdle I had was trying to find LEGITIMATE ways to make extra money.

Personally, I needed ways to make extra money from home or out and about with my kids, because I was a stay at home mom. When I would try to find those opportunities there was always a lot of Multi-Level Marketing that didn’t seem like opportunities to gain money, but to lose money! That is when I decided to dig deep and truly research how to make extra money, and I came out with some amazing and convenient ways to make money from home or on the go with my kids

So, why not share the wealth right?! In this article, I will be disclosing all of the research I did with YOU so you can make extra money too!! Before I begin I want to disclose that I do not benefit in ANY way from you using or joining any of these companies. I am not affiliated with them at all, and every company I share is one that I have used and received money from! Let’s get started!

If you aren’t familiar with Easy Shift then be prepared to fall in love! Easy Shift is a phone app that pays you to do small simple tasks. For example, there may be a job at a Walmart where when you take pictures of all the end caps and they will give you $10. Most of the time, the jobs take about 30 minutes, and you can bring along your kids with you! 

The best part about Easy Shift is that you are easily paid via a Paypal account, and you can do jobs when you are out shopping!  With Easy Shift, you can make as little or as much as you want. If you need an extra $50 you can wake up early, claim some jobs, and work all day! The more jobs you complete, the more jobs you can reserve! Some people even do this as a full-time job! There are a lot of similar phone applications out there, but in my experience, Easy Shift is the best. 

In one year we made $500 on Easy Shift just by using them when we were out and about, and we have never had an issue with them! To watch a full in-depth video of how to get started with Easy Shift watch the video below. Click here to download Easy Shift.

Mobee, the next phone application we will take about takes convenience to the next level! Mobee is a phone app that is just like Easy Shift except the jobs tend to be in more places that you would frequently shop! They usually have a ton of jobs available, and they are very user-friendly and easy to navigate! The only downfall to Mobee is that you are paid in gift cards instead of money. So, this option is good for when you are couponing or saving money groceries, presents, or a gift for yourself! I mostly use Mobee when couponing. For example, I will go do a haul at Target, pick up a Mobee job, and get a $10 Target gift card for doing it, and then use it during my haul for a lower out of pocket price! Sometimes I get really lucky and find a Target job, and do it all in one spot. Your options are limitless with Mobee! Click here to download the Mobee phone app!


Next up is Google Opinion Rewards! Google Opinion Rewards is a phone application that Google offers, and it pays you to answer simple questions about yourself and shopping experiences!! To get started download the phone application, and answer a few questions about yourself. Every once in awhile they will ask you questions and once you answer them you get paid!! All the money you are paid is for the Google Play Store, and you are immediately credited and can use it anytime you want. In my house, all of our phones have Google Opinion Rewards, and we save our credits to rent movies!! It is an easy way to make a little spending money. Click here to download the Google Opinion Survey app.



The next phone app we will be discussing is Surveys On The Go! Surveys On The Go is very unique because it actually pays you (in comparison to other survey apps), and it it is location based. There are a ton of survey apps out there, but most of them are pretty worthless because you will answer questions for 10 minutes and then they disqualify you. Surveys On The Go is different because when you are out and about shopping a notification will pop up asking you questions about your shopping experience, or your opinions, and all you have to do is answer and you can earn $1 – $20!! After you accumulate $10 in your account you can get paid to a Paypal account instantly!  

Surveys On The Go is the best survey app out there in my opinion, and the only downfall is that the surveys are very times sensitive. So, if you get one make sure to answer ASAP and make some money for your voice to be heard! Click here to download the SOTG phone application.

The last money-making opportunity we will talk about today is not a phone app, but a website called! is a great place to find freelance jobs for Virtual Assistants, Customer Service Agents, Web Developers, and so much more!! All you have to do is go to and upload your resume and work experience, then start looking for contracts!! Most jobs are at home jobs and are typically paid per hour or contract, and last 1 – 6 months. For example, there could be one where you answer emails for a company for 3 hours a day five days a week and they pay you $15 an hour (this is just an example of jobs I have done). 

The thing that makes Upwork really awesome is the security in it. If you do contract a job, and the person who hired you doesn’t pay, Upwork will pay you still! So if you are looking for really flexible SAFE freelance work then Upwork is for you!!

One thing is for sure. If you are using a phone app or doing freelance jobs, making money is more accessible than ever! You don’t need to do a 9 -5 to have a career anymore, and there have been a lot of statistics that show that in a few years most peoples income will be from jobs like I talked about above. So, take those opportunities, get out there, and take what is yours!