If you haven’t read, you can get an INSANE deal on Google Home Mini’s at Walmart right now (click here to read my blog !). The deal includes you linking your Walmart Account and your Google Express Account, and then linking those to your Google Home account. Once you do thatĀ  you receive a $25.00 promo code to use in your Google Express account. This is all really confusing, and believe me when I say it can go wrong. So, instead of you trying to search the internet high and low why don’t I just tell you how to do it!!

  1. Set up your Google Home Mini! **You need to set it up on the same wifi that your phone is on.
  2. Link your Google Express Account and Walmart Account together. You can do this by going to Google.Express.com, go to settings, and then click “link to Walmart.com account”. It will have you enter your Walmart.com credentials, and then link the two together.
  3. Go to your Google Home app, and find your $25 Google Express Promo Code under discover or offers. I found mine on the first page which is the “discover” page, but supposedly it is also on the “Offers” page.
  4. Redeem your $25 promo code, and it will be added to your Google Express account. Once you are ready you will order from Google Home Express, and it will automatically be applied.

Help!! I Don’t Have the $25 Promo Card in my Google Home Offers PageĀ 

This can and does happen. I am not sure why, but it is super easy to fix! You will want to call Google Home at 855-971-9121. Once a representative picks up the line you will let them know that you got a Google Home Mini, and your promo code is not showing up. They will ask for your email address, and your serial number from your Google Home Mini (this is located on the outside of the box). Then if they can verify that it was bought from Walmart they will send your code through. In the event that they can’t verify it (that happened to me) they will send you an email while you are on the phone asking for a screenshot of the Google Home Mini box, and your proof of purchase (Walmart receipt). Once you send that over to them they will forward it to a department that will manually add your promo code in 1-3 business days! No matter what they will get your code to you!

You can do this two times per house hold, but each time needs to be on a different Google Express account.

Happy Shopping!!