Do you have inserts and have no idea when they came out? Have you ever been looking at a deal and it tells you what insert to find your coupon in but you don’t remember which insert came from which week? If that sounds familiar then read on, because I am about to blow your mind and save you time!!!
On every insert binding there is very small print that gives you the date the insert was released, and to what newspapers that insert was distributed to! It’s super easy to find, and it makes finding deals even easier! All inserts have the date on the binding but are formatted a little different.

Redplum has theirs on the far right
Smartsource has theirs on the far left

P&G has theirs on the right side and they do the year/month/date
I hope this helps you organize your coupons a little better! As always, if you need me then message me on Facebook. If you like this blog, and think it is helpful then share it for other people to read!!