Are you a crazy super fan of Target like me?! Would you love to learn how to sign up for something that will give you 5% off every purchase without applying for a credit card? Yes??!! Well then the REDcard Debit is what you need! Most people know about the 5% off you get for having a Target Credit Card, but what most people don’t know is they also have a debit option! You don’t have to apply, or need a particular credit score to be able to receive the REDcard Debit. All you have to do is have a bank, and fill out some information to be able to sign up.


Once you fill out the information for the Target REDcard Debit they will send a deposit to the bank that you used during sign up. You then will confirm the deposit amount and viola! You will be sent a card, and will be saving money in no time! Every time you shop at Target use your REDcard Debit, 5% will automatically be applied at the register, and the purchase amount will be withdrawn from your bank! You don’t have to pay a credit bill every month, and to make it even better it is FREE!!! Yeah, you saw that right!! It is completely free! Target does not charge a thing for this so there is no reason not to try it out! If you would like to sign up click here!