STEP 1: This egg hunt was like a shopping trip. To start your trip, you needed a shopping cart. But when you clicked on the shopping cart, it was password protected! Try one of the top 10 most common passwords of 2018, listed next to the shopping cart (it’s #6: 111111).

STEP 2: There are 5 buttons – SUPER, AWESOME, FANTASTIC, AMAZING, and INCREDIBLE. Think of these as different aisles at the store. First, you travel down the SUPER aisle, looking for SUPER things. Click the SUPER button and you will be taken to a product. Find the word SUPER on that page, then click on that to be taken to the next SUPER product. Keep clicking on the word SUPER on each page until you reach the end of the aisle. Now go back and visit the AWESOME aisle, the FANTASTIC aisle, and so on…

STEP 3: When you go shopping, you don’t buy every item in every aisle. Usually you only buy 1 or two things per aisle. But which items were important for this hunt? How about the very last item you saw in each aisle? Those are the only items that matter. There are 5 of them.

STEP 4: When you are done shopping, you need to check out, right? So at the very end of the last aisle you went to (the INCREDIBLE aisle), you need to click “check out”.

STEP 5: To check out, there’s a password. You can’t just check out for free! You need to pay! How much? Add the final price of each item you found at a dead end. The total is $55.01. But that’s not the password. Why? Because of taxes. The password is “$55.01+tax”.