The hunt started here with 5 tasks to complete:

  1. Find the invisible egg
  2. Find the egg in the dark
  3. Find the egg in the sky
  4. Find the egg in the water
  5. Find the egg in the tree

Followed by 5 clues to build the final password: 

  1. weight in g
  2. number of colors
  3. year company was founded
  4. last digit of UPC
  5. grinch

To find the password fragments, you needed to wait for the relevant posts to arrive on the home page. Alternatively, you could get a head start by finding tiny hidden links in 4 of the pictures. See below for details. FINAL PASSWORD: 34419416finch

“Find the invisible egg” = A Reese’s egg, which disappears quickly due to unusual yumminess.

Password fragment #1: weight in g

Answer: 34 (The Reese’s Egg weighs 34 grams.)

“Find the egg in the dark” = An egg-shaped flashlight.

Password fragment #2: number of colors

Answer: 4 (The egg flashlight comes in 4 colors.)

“Find the egg in the sky” = An egg-shaped plane.

Password fragment #3: year company was founded

Answer: 1941 (Google “hasegawa”, the manufacturer of the egg plane.)

“Find the egg in the water” = Egg-shaped bath bombs.

Password fragment #4: last digit of UPC

Answer: 6 (find UPC on computer or switch to desktop view on phone)

“Find the egg in the tree” = An egg-shaped birdhouse.

Password fragment #5: grinch

Answer: finch (Grinch rhymes with finch in birdhouse description. “Chickadee” is also a clue. It’s right next to what you’re looking for.)